An Update on Car Man

I may have gotten a bit to obssessed with this guy now, if you missed it you can read the story here, on Friday night, I kept an eye out for him and he was rude enough not to show up.

I woke up at around 4.30am and went to get a drink and there he was, parked up on his phone, why had he changed it to so late, when it use to be midnight? Had he noticed me noticing him?

While I was curious, I was also tired, so ended up going back to bed, I stayed away on Saturday night and didn’t see him, by the time I eventually went to bed.

I thought, oh well, maybe whatever he is doing, he has found a new place to do it in and its one of those mysteries I will spend some time pondering over.

But then Sunday night, I took the dog out for a walk, again it was just after midnight, no car, but there was a woman less than 2 minute walk from my front door. Alright, this was a bit weird, I think when you have beend doing this walk for as long as I have, espcially as a woman late at night, you are more wary of change, it might be that she was just walking home, she was on her phone, but she wasn’t speaking which was also a bit weird. I continued on my way and did the 40-50 minutes walk.

Got to back outside my flat and there was this damn woman, on her phone still not saying anything, but it was more I had been gone flipping ages and she had moved the 2 minutes and was still there, what the hell is going on.

She spent another 15-20 minutes standing outside with the phone up against her ear, while I kept an eye out of my kitchen window.

But is she just some random woman walking really slowly, is she related to the car guy, have I been clocked and they have now switched agents?

I shall keep watching out and see what happens.

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3 Responses to An Update on Car Man

  1. Sheree says:

    The mystery deepens!

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