Sleep, glorious sleep

I think part of my problem with being organiased at the moment, has to do with something to do with my sleep. I am still not sleeping great, however I am getting more sleep, this is due to my partner doing a lot of school runs in the morning for me and then heading to work. This has been a bit of a lifesaver and different as it use to be couldn’t sleep, then sleep for two -four hours and then be wide awake again, so by getting 5-6 hours it has made a massive difference to me.

So I am waking up later, which is lovely, but also means I feel like I am losing time. However is the time I am losing, going to be any good to me at the moment, or will it just be wasted, I am going to start getting up with Monkey or at the very least when they head out to school, so I can see if I get much more done in my day.

Let the experiment commence.

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