No, thats fine I can eat air

In April, its a new tax year in the UK (might be the rest of the world as well) this means things change such as tax credits benefit, which is based on how much earn throughout the year, along with things such as council tax (local tax) rising.

Its a fun time of the year for all of us on this benefit, as we await the drop of the brown envelope and the sinking feeling you get when you find out how much money you owe, despite not changing a thing in a year, even though you know you earnt less because your partner didn’t work over a few months.

And that is what has happened to us, I have already had fun with PIP (disabilty benefit) and them not sending out the form, although they insist they did it by email, yet it never arrived and that somehow was my fault. I lost that again in January meaning we were £300 already,

Then tax credits hit, that was another £250 a month down. We can just about cope, because after 10 years of being on various benefits, I have learnt not to rely on anything we get, if we get it, thats brilliant and I can pay bills or put it away for just incase they stop everything.

But its a pain in the backside at the moment, especially because they decided that as they had overpaid me, I didn’t need anything for April at all, so the small amount we are now getting, we are not getting at all.

But when my partner got paid, I made sure to buy all the food for the month that I could and put money aside for the rent, anything else is going to have to wait.

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6 Responses to No, thats fine I can eat air

  1. The system is so broken. And punitive. Having been on benefits in the past, I sympathise.

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  2. Carol anne says:

    god I cant believe they didn’t give you any benefits for april, it was their fucking fault if they overpayed you!

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