And the holidays are a go

This weekend marked the start of the Easter holidays for Monkey, and its his birthday, so I had planned a few bits.

But I got an email from the council giving me a voucher for a holiday club for this week, so I booked Monkey in it.

On Saturday, we had to go do a few bits, I had three massive bags for the charity shop which has been sitting in various rooms over the past 4 weeks, so we took those up, got gas and electric, no drama this week and played a few games of pool.

On Sunday, we had my stepson round, and my partner took them to the cinema, I had only got a couple of hours sleep on Saturday night, so wondered off to bed and woke up once they got back.

I think its going to be a weird week, because my routine has been thrown out of wack, although I might just pretend its the wrong time while Monkey is in summer club, to keep my going for a week.

Either way I dont really have anything to do till Friday, when Monkey is at home again for about 8 days

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10 Responses to And the holidays are a go

  1. It’s never easy to keep them busy over the hols….I am still planning!!! two days in! Happy hols

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  2. Hope you have a relaxing holiday!

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  3. Carol anne says:

    I hope monkey has fun and I hope you are having a nice week too! 🙂

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