Sleep Experiment

I have been trying something recently to try and get my sleep on track, if you fall asleep naturally and wake up naturally you get an idea of how much sleep your body actually needs, so ver the last few weeks, that is what I have been doing.

It appears rather than the 2-4 hours sleep I usually get, I need at least 5 hours sleep, so if I need to be up at 7am. 2am in the latest I should fall asleep, without being feeling like utter crap all day.

I am trying to get myself to stop falling asleep during the afternoon after I have picked Money up, I think I find it so exhausting being around so many people at once, my brain thinks go to sleep once he is safe.

That is what we have been doing this week, hopefully by next week I should be falling asleep by 2am and waking up at the earliest at 7am. Or when my alarm goes off at 7.30

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2 Responses to Sleep Experiment

  1. Carol anne says:

    good going Trina! I shall try to see if I can figure out how much sleep I actually need, not easy when I find it hard to fall asleep. ❤

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