Thats a shocker to no one

Boris Johnson has ben fined for attending parties while in lockdown, I suppose a bit of surprise is that Rishi Sunak, our Chancellor has also been fined, but given the amount of bad press he has had recently regard his wife’s Akshata Murthy, tax affairs, it maybe shouldn’t come as a complete surprise.

Before I got into the fines, I will just explain about Akshata Murthy, basically she is what we call a Non Dom, meaning she is an Indian (in this case) citizen, this wouldn’t be a problem, apart from the fact it means she doesn’t pay any tax on foriegn earnings, and as the daughter of one of the wealthiest families in the world, this means by having this status she hasn’t paid roughly £20 million in tax.

Now if she wasn’t married to the guy who makes all the rules and laws up about tax and earnings, this might not have gone down like the lead ballon it has done.

Now it has been announced that two of the most senior ministers have infact broken the law. Despite the denials which means they have misled parliament, the public at one point the Queen.

I know there are people saying they all know people who broke the rules, but the problem with that is they didn’t make them. Its not the most important thing at the moment, with everything going on, maybe its not, having a party pales into insignificant when you look at what is going on in Ukraine.

The thing is though, he lied, he deliberatly misled MPs, which means he broke the minsiterial code, which he signed off on, if he is not held to account and if his party does not hold him to account over this, then what is the difference between the Tory Party and an elected dictatorship? Not much of one tbh.

I think given the amount of shit Sunak has come under in the last week, which was possibly planned by Johnson, then he will resign before the week is out. Johnson though, I think he has the ego to believe he will survive this, which means we are reliant on the Tory party to do the right thing.

I hope to god some of them have some morals, otherwise I am living in a country, where the Prime Minster can do what the fuck he likes, when likes and face no consequinces over it.

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2 Responses to Thats a shocker to no one

  1. Carol anne says:

    I hope they are punished! Twats!

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