Its getting better

My sleep and organisation is getting better. Over the weekend I was getting up at 8.30 maybe 9am and just cracking on with things, whereas Tuesday, I didn’t wake up till 10am and really struggled to get going, got distracted a lot of time and found myself struggling to finish things.

This might be because of sleep though, I have been generally falling asleep between 3.30 and 4am although this is slowly getting better, but Monday night I fell asleep at 1.30am, I might have slept all the way through but I got woken up at just before 4am and then struggled to get back to sleep for four hours. this put my mood on a downward spiral as well, as I had plans for the day.

But I am finding I have more time, when I am not getting distracted by the internet.

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2 Responses to Its getting better

  1. Carol anne says:

    Well that is good!
    I’m glad you are feeling better! Xoxo

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