Need to get moving

On Tuesday I started on a new fitness thing, I always seem to start but never get very far with it, normally because I think with the amount of walking I do, I am fine, but that has decreased since I had covid and I am getting out of breath doing 1 of the school runs, let alone both.

Whether this is because of covid or because of out unfit I have now gotten is debatable, but I am going to blame covid for now.

However, I need to sort it out, Tuesday seemed a good day to start, so I started an easy fitness session, which lasted 15 minutes and nearly killed me. Still blaming covid and not the fact I am so unfit and have put on a fair bit of weight over the last four months.

I also managed to get all the cleaning done, before 10am which is a first in a while, meaning I had the rest of the day to sort things out, but I was desperate to get to the lounge, which I started on Saturday, but over the weekend I had to leave because its the main place we all are and its tough to do the hoovering when Monkey is on his video chat to his friends and my partner is trying to drown him out watching whatever he is watching.

But as I type this its still Tuesday morning and I havent started on the lounge yet, its the next job as soon as I finish this post

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3 Responses to Need to get moving

  1. Simon says:

    Did you get to the lounge?

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