Nearly caught up and then it starts again

I was up till nearly 3am catching up on things and then this morning I just could not get motivated, I didn’t turn on any devices, but I really struggled to do anything, despite telling myself that the sooner I get it all done, the sooner I can sit on my backside and not do anything.

Once I did eventually get going, I got things done pretty fast, but it did mean I wasted a lot of the morning, just sitting.

Not helped by my phone ringing when I was not expecting it and it sending me into an anxiety tizz. Then spending the time while it was ringing staring at it wondering who the hell was ringing me.

I need to find different coping skills I think, this is not a great way to live at the moment and I need to figure out how to overcome it.

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2 Responses to Nearly caught up and then it starts again

  1. Carol anne says:

    Hugs trina! You do what you can, sometimes its all we can do! x

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