Where in the World: Marshall Islands

No one in the Marshall Islands has ever visited my blog, lets see if I can figure out why

  1. The Marshell Islands are a chain of around 1225 volcanic islands and coral attals in between Hawaii and Philippines
  2. The islands here are so narrow that there is only one road and one way you can go
  3. After World War 2 the USA used this country to test their bombs, in 12 years they detonated 64 bombs and the affects is still being felt today
  4. The Marshell Islands much like Kiribati is under threat from climate change in 50 years they might not exist anymore
  5. The word Bikini comes from here, the inventer of the Bikini, Louis Reard couldn’t find a model to wear it so he considered it a bombshell so named it after the Bikini atoll, where the US was setting off bombs
  6. It has the world’s largest shark sanctuary
  7. Because of its clear waters, the ship graveyard now at the Bikini atoll and the sharks it makes for great diving but only sees roughly 5000 visitors a year
  8. There are no native mammals here, although there was thought to be bats at one time
  9. Despite how spread it is, in land mass it is one of the smallest countries in the world
  10. Enjoy some tradional music from this country

If you come from here please say iakwe

If you wanted to check the rest of this series, please click here

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4 Responses to Where in the World: Marshall Islands

  1. Carol anne says:

    interesting facts about a country I never knew existed!

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  2. Interesting, never knew about this

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