I am really not getting on with it

I mentioned last week, that wordpress have changed how they send out their emails, I was not thrilled with this, because rather than get an email to tell me someone new had liked a post, and then click on a link to be sent to have a look at their blog.

I now have to find them, by going through the notifications on my blog, which is great if I catch them at once, but its now a long slog.

Its also more difficult to read posts now. I dont like the format, so I have tried to change it, but that wasnt any good either.

I just want them to send me the emails they were before, so I can see new people, I have a feeling this is to try and make people use the reader more, but I dont want to. I really dont get on with that

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2 Responses to I am really not getting on with it

  1. Carol anne says:

    I noticed they started changing the way they sent emails. So annoying. X

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