Where in the World: Northern America Part 4

I do love this one, because I can name so many to start off with, then it tails down at the end, but 11 to get and without thinking I am on 9

  1. USA 2. Canada 3. Greenland 4. Jamacia 5. Mexico 6. Bermuda 7. The Bahamas 8. Hatai 9. Dominica Republic 10. Purto Rica 11. Cuba
  1. Greenland
  2. Canada
  3. USA
  4. Mexico
  5. Jamaica
  6. Bermuda
  7. Bahamas
  8. Hiatia
  9. Domenica Republic
  10. Puerto Rica
  11. Cuba

Knocked it out the park. Do I go for round 5, I am still lacking on a few but my geographical knowledge has come on leaps and bounds.

But I do really love Canada.

If you like this, you can check my progress here

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6 Responses to Where in the World: Northern America Part 4

  1. Way to rock it on the Caribbean Islands!

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  2. Carol anne says:

    go you! Well done! ❤ xo

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