Do I have to look?

I normally try and do a post on politics roughly once a week, just to go can you really believe what they have done this time.

But I had a look at the weekend and thought you know what, I am going to back away from this shit and pretend its not happening, because you know what, you couldnt make this shit up.

What I have assumed is going on, is the government, not sure which one, has gone, right people are really struggling and this is what we are puttingin place, we are putting a cap on enegery prices and rent and interest payments.

We are going to have a look at what we can provide to get more people back into work, not try and send a blind man for a job interview for driving a van.

It would be wrong of us now, to try and rejoin the EU, but you know what lets look into trying to get the trade agreements up and running, limit the red tape on export and imports and can we do anything about freedom of movement, its not going to be the same but lets have a look at options.

There you go thats whats going in my version of UK politics.

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2 Responses to Do I have to look?

  1. Carol anne says:

    And BoJo got away with the covid parties no investigation, no fine, he just got away with it! Asshole!

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