I am losing it I swear

I have a thing happening on Saturday, I dont want to say too much at the moment, but it is causing lots of anxiety and stress. Although my family are helping out as much as possible,

But I am not doing great mentally, although I know it will be fine, I will probably talk about it more tomorrow, when I am a bit calmer, but it has meant the last few days I have been out and about a lot more that usual.

As I say very stressed and very anxious at the moment.

But I will catch up this evening.

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10 Responses to I am losing it I swear

  1. Thinking of you. Hugs.

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  2. Cyranny says:

    I’ll poke you after work! Take good care, Fab 🙂 xx

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  4. I would think that the extra being out and about is contributing to the anxiety. But you must be so proud of yourself that you are still doing it! So proud of how far you have been coming. Hugs

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  6. Carol anne says:

    Hate feeling so anxious. Its an awful way to feel! Sending love xo

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