This morning, I was sitting happily trying to find my motivation to do the hoovering, my foot was hanging off the bed, I am just setting the scene here, because I was attacked, an unprovaced attack,

Gizmo came into the room and he sniffered about and came up to me and I thought ahhh, how sweet.

Till he bit me on the foot. Not only did he bite me on the foot, he then followed this by biting my foot again and digging his claws in.

He is now sat beside having a wash, looking at my foot. I am not sure what his game plsn is yet.

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13 Responses to OWWWW

  1. Simon says:

    I feel your pain here, some years ago my foot was attacked as I slept soundly at 3am.
    I’ve never gone from deep sleep to alert awake so quickly in all my life. 😂

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  2. Carol anne says:

    ouch! Bad gismo! Bad kitty! xo

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