Big News?

It has a question mark, because I havent done it yet, its happening on Saturday. I made a mention in this post here to what I am talking about.

I am off to a family party on Saturday, now this might not be a big thing and my family are very lovely, but there is going to be lots of people there, which I hate, I have to leave my flat, which I hate, and go the other side of London, which is a long way away.

Obviously my partner is coming with me and my family have stepped up massively to help, from buying me new shoes, to paying for the travel and babysitting Monkey.

But Christ its horrible, I bought new trousers, turns out in the ten years or so since I last wore something that was not jeans, I have put on weight. Which I knew, but I am successfully burried my head in the sand about, so I bought trousers a size up then what I was thinking, turns out I am slightly bigger than that.

I have new shoes

Ok that is a cat in the shoesbox, but you can see the shoes in the photo above.

I have make up a very detailed plan of where I am going on Saturday, its about a two and a half hour train journey, we did think about hiring a car, but for the train, it was £70 for a car is was £50 for the hire and then the petrol plus £200 deposit, which I would get back, but looking at the cost of petrol, we decided it was cheaper to do the train and slightly more relaxing, plus I could have a drink if I wanted. Or more importantly, I could take some anti anxiety medication and not worry about my reaction speeds while on them.

So thats the big news, I have no idea how it is going to go, especially because of the panic I am in just about walking into town 3 times this week.

I shall let you know after the weekend

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2 Responses to Big News?

  1. Carol anne says:

    congrats on going to the party! ❤ I hope you had fun!

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