Local Elections

A large amount of the UK are having local elections, well they had them yesterday and the counting is happening now.

People are saying this will show how popular certain parties are, turns out not very. Not any of them really, in London it seems to be Labour all the way but at time of writing this post, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales have not announced any results.

England have though, when I checked the first lot, both the Tory party and Labour had lost seats to the greens.

Now though, about half the results are in, the Tory party have large losses and while Labour are celebrating they actually haven’t picked those losses up, the Lib Dems, what use to be the 3rd largest party, have done. But they have had a shocker over the last 8 or 9 years, but they seem to be doing something right. No idea what, I havent heard from them in ages.

Lets see what Johnson has to say about this though. The leader of the labour party is celebrating like he has won the lottery, but I would say he has won London, which despite what politicans think, is not the whole of the UK.

Northern Ireland, will be interesting, rumour has it Sinn Fein is looking like it is going to be the largest party. Sinn Fein, want a united Ireland after god knows how many years of the DUP who want to remain in the UK. With Brexit, I think this is an interesting development. There is a lot more within the parties than just a united Ireland, but I am not confident in my knowledge to be able to give a detailed explaination.

I think things are about to get interesting for our leader.

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2 Responses to Local Elections

  1. Carol anne says:

    things are going to get very interesting for bo jo! xo

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