I am missing the toddler years

Monkey’s strops were lengendary when he was a toddler, he reduced to me to tears once, in a grocery shop because of the strop he was having, I had to abandon the trolley and take him outside till he had calm down.

I miss that day at the moment, this evening, he was told to turn off the xbox. You would have thought I had told him he needed to set fire to his room.

Its so unfair, we never do anything for him, blah, blah, blah.

Now he has no xbox tomorrow because of how he was talking to me, this was also very unfair, I was so mean and didn’t love him. I am sure there was some other things thrown in as well.

I stopped listening, the problem I have, is that when he was little, I could pick him up and take him to his room to calm down, I could distract him, now he can lift me to my room and he is certainly more difficult to distract.

He is learning, that I am listening to him when he is slightly calmer and he feels he has a proper grievence or the punishment is too harsh, because you know what I am still learning and sometimes I do go for a gut reaction, I am getting better at taking my time with what I say or what gets taken away and for how long.

But I still miss the day I could pick him and hug him till he stopped.

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6 Responses to I am missing the toddler years

  1. When I was a kid and would say something is not fair, my mom always came back with no one said that life was fair. I was never ever going to use that statement. Guess who does lol

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  2. Carol anne says:

    I bet! It is great when they are little, isnt it?

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