Its Eurovision Weekend

Since it has been a year I am sure many of you have forgotten that I love Eurovision, or maybe you are new here and didn’t know.

Just for other countries not in Europe (or Australia, dont ask) Eurovision, is a bunch of countries in Europe (and Australia, seriously don’t ask) , who get together once a year for a singing contest, I think the rest of Europe take it seriously, we never seem to, as in most of them put their top singers up and we put up, well Scooch

I am going to be honest, that is the last one I remember from the UK properly, I liked it.,

On Tuesday it was the semi finals, 17 countries, only 10 to go through, Thursday is the next semi finals. The UK along with 4 other countries don’t have to do the semi finals, they keep trying to say its because we all came up with the idea, but basically if you want to know where our £300 million quid to the NHS has gone after Brexit, this would probably we a good place to start.

I couldn’t vote on Tuesday, they split it so half of the countries vote in this one and then the other half vote on Thursday.

But this is what I think is going to win, yes Ukraine is in it, Russia is banned (which means the UK is going to come last again) but this song is awesome

Although maybe I just like fun dance moves, this was my fav last year

But my personal fav is this one, never entered into Eurovision, it was done with the hosts presenting that year.

All the bits they have mentioned or the people they zoom onto, have won it or come damn close

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, I really do love this and I have over the last few years found a group of people who also love it.

And my best mate C, who cant stand it, but sends me a bottle of wine to shut me up.

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6 Responses to Its Eurovision Weekend

  1. Sheree says:

    I wouldn’t watch it if you paid me

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  2. Carol anne says:

    I would’ve watched it if Ireland were in it. I liked our song this year, brook did a good job in the semi’s. Xx

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