I shall make a joke of it

I am going to have to, because what has happened is so bizzare.

On two seperate social media sites (reddit and facebook) I have been sent a message from the platform saying, that a friend has contacted them as they are worried about my mental health or I have put posts that make it seem like I am going to harm myself.

One of the reasons why this is so bizzare, that as far as I know I dont share friends on either of those platforms, I am only really on reddit due to pokemon, so while someone might have a guess as to who I am, I dont have my name on it. Facebook I only have people I actually know.

The other weird thing, is that both of these have happened since Saturday. The only thing I have posted on either is about Eurovision, which I was pretty damn happy about.

As far as I know watching Eurovision is not a form of self harm, not matter what my partner thinks. Maybe something I have said about one of the songs has triggered something somewhere, but what is beyond me, the main thing I have pointed out is that Norway was robbed.

No idea what is going on, but if anyone is worried about, talk to me first surely, its not like I am quiet about my mental health, I sent up an entire blog to talk about it.

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13 Responses to I shall make a joke of it

  1. Sheri Dye says:

    That’s messed up..
    I haven’t seen or heard anything like that but I’ll be keeping an eye out for it now.

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  2. Simon says:

    In this age of information it’s ironic how we’re perhaps even less informed about what’s going on. This kind of thing shows how some kind of automatic response confuses us – ironic that wit may have come from Eurovision 😀

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  3. Eurovision as self harm. Ha! That is a bizarre turn of events.

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