He is getting there

Monkey has decided he wants to learn to cook, I started off simple, with foods I know he likes that are easy to prepare such as Spag Bol, pork chops, random shit shoved into a pan ans fried.

Today we have gone a step further, I told him what I got out and he went off and looked for a recipe, he chose chicken pasta bake, which then meant we had to use different things for some of the ingredients, but otherwise he did a good job, its boring for me as I am there to make sure he doesnt chop a finger off, but otherwise he does everything else.

Next week, I am doing a shop, so I am going to get him to pick some meals he wants to do and he can meal plan for them and pick the days he wants to cook. I think probably once a week will do to start off, but hopefully in 6 months time, he will be doing all the cooking and I will not be moving.

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16 Responses to He is getting there

  1. Darlene says:

    That is great! Next, teach him how to do laundry and clean the house. Soon you won’t have to do anything!!

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  2. Nothing is better than your child learning to cook. I love that I can pass that off to T now. I can relax and he makes dinner. I do the clean up. Although I do the clean up when I cook too. That may have to change. 🙂

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  3. Delightful! What a guy!

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  4. Future chef, lucky you 🙂

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