Things after Covid.

When we moved in 2018, it was just down the road, but it was far enough not to know anyone in the neighbourhood. Also at the time we had kept Monkey in his school which was further away, we made the decisiont to move him in May, got him straight in and boom hit the Summer holidays.

New Term new start for us, change of class for Monkey all good, 4 months later we are in lockdown, this meant he didn’t really get a chance to form any firm friendships and I certainly didn’t get a chance to show other parents how antisocial I am.

Its been tough for him, so since he has gone back properly, I have been encouraging friendships where he is, at school and now he has his friends from the neighbourhood knocking on my front door asking him to come and play after school.

This is how I wanted his childhood to be, main things I have noticed, the strops about life being unfair are less, since he has been playing less on the xbox and more outside, he is also sleeping better, he has started making plans for May half term which is next week. Lots of going out to the park, rather than what it started with, which is play on the xbox all day.

Much better now, hopefully things are still going to be going this way and Monkeypox dies a death fairly soon, because it can fuck off if it thinks I am going through the last two years again.

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20 Responses to Things after Covid.

  1. Just wanted to remind you that you rock! 🤗

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  2. KTC says:

    My sentiments exactly with monkeypox or any other global illness. At this point, I, like millions of other moms, just want as normal a childhood for our children that they can have, interacting with their peers in person and just being kids.

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  3. Sheree says:

    It’s been tough on kids, tougher than many people (not you) realise

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  4. Wohoo Monkey gets to get out and has made friends! That is so awesome. I giggled at you not being able to show off your anti-social behaviour. 🙂

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  5. Simon says:

    I’m glad monkey is doing well and I’m with you on the monkey pox… not doing it again!

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  6. Carol anne says:

    dont blame you! Monkey pox can die a long death as far as I’m concerned! I am glad Monkey is doing more with friends now. Xx

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  7. lblooom says:

    Glad that things are better for you and your family

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