Fun for me, not so much for the family

Its a four day weekend here in the UK, a special one off for the Queen’s Jubilee, now since I am not too fussed about it and tbh neither are monkey or my partner, but it does mean my partner is off for two days, saturday we are not sure on.

Thursday to relax and today to get the 5 million jobs, I have for him to do, I cant tell you the excitment that is going to be in this house, especially when I add in Monkey’s to do list.

The excitment in this household is going to be off the chart.

Hopefully, I can update you next week on how much has got done and whether it was a success or not.

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6 Responses to Fun for me, not so much for the family

  1. Simon says:

    Was it a success?

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  2. Carol anne says:

    awesome! Hope it all got done!

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