Its warming up

On Friday, we had one the hottest days of the year, infact ever, a day of rain, then its started to warm up again, I have had to take off my jumper, its so hot.

I quite like the heat, but none of the pets do, lots of cold water and wet food for them, sometimes frozen.

I have managed to make the flat fairly cool though, windows open alot of the time, but this means it lets alot of noise in, mainly meaning my downstairs neighbour, who tends to scream at the wind to shut up at 3.30am.

However, its not helping on my sleeping. But I am starting to feel tired earlier, so maybe by the end of the month, I might be falling asleep before 3am.

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2 Responses to Its warming up

  1. Carol anne says:

    You can hope, can’t you? 😛 I’m hoping the summer continues to give us good weather when I get back home on Sunday, I’ve been spoiled with all the warm days when I was in colorado!

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  2. Sheila Moss says:

    It was 99 F yesterday. Most places here have A/C. My air conditioner ran all day and I nearly froze to death. I hate to think about the electric bill.

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