Where in the World: Bangladesh

I am looking forward to this, I think I know a little about this country, but lets find out

  1. Bangladesh boarders India to the west, north and east, Myanmar to the southeast, to the south it has a coastline, along the Bay of Bengal.
  2. Bangladesh has one of the highest vegetarian population, on average, it is estimated each person eats four kilos of meat a year, when you compare that to the US who has an average consumption of 120 kilos
  3. Dhaka, the capital is known as the city of the mosques. as it has so many beautiful mosques
  4. It is a very flat country subjected to flooding.
  5. The national sport is Kabbadi, check it out of youtube, its brilliant
  6. A few things to remember, while you are here, smiling too much is considered a sign of immaturity and using your left hand is considered rude
  7. The Bazar beach, is almost 75 miles long, and is the longest natural sea beach in the world
  8. Despite its ecomonic growth, almost 40% of the population still live under the poverty line
  9. Bangladesh has 6 seasons not 4, It has grismo (summer), barsha (rainy season), sharat (autumn), hemanto (cool season), sheet (winter), and bashonto (spring)
  10. Enjoy some traditional music from this beautiful country

If you come from here, “Shagotom”

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18 Responses to Where in the World: Bangladesh

  1. Well I will not be visiting. As a left handed person I would be being rude to everyone. 🙂

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  2. Carol anne says:

    six seasons? Cool! ❤ interesting fact!

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  3. Great post! Thank you! FYI, the video is indeed beautiful, but I think it might be made in India, not Bangladesh. West Bengal seems to be part of India, and includes Kolkata, whereas Bangladesh would be called “East Bengal.” Also I think, without being sure, that culturally, a traditional Bangladeshi woman would not normally make music representing her culture (assuming she would make music at all that was not religious in nature) without covering her head. Please someone who has been there, could you confirm or deny this? I’m guessing based on slim knowledge and friendship with a Bangladeshi.

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  4. Interesting read. I am not so sure about #6 though and the Praio do Cassino in southern Brazil is almost a 100km longer 😉 It is indeed a wonderful country!

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