That was a busy weekend

On Friday I was meant to have my PIP assessment, it got cancelled, as the lady was trying to rearrange it, she kept saying well, I have one in half an hour but that will probably get cancelled. In the end I agreed to one in two weeks time, which means another two weeks of feeling like shite.

I am fairly sure my low motivation and not wanting to do anything is down to this damn assessment.

But myself and Monkey had a big pokemon day on Saturday, its what called Go Fest and it was happening in Berlin. For those not aware, I like in the UK and normally pokemon go needs to be played whereever you are.

Unless you cheat, which is what I did, no, its probably not a good lesson to teach my son, but trust me in the two years we have been doing this over the pandemic, his geography has improved massively , we have been all over, on pokemon. Of course, if we get caught we will get banned, but I think its worth it.

He got loads of pokemon he wanted and some he could trade for the stuff he really wants. Bought home a lot of mons for his friends as well and we had a wonder round Berlin and looked up some of the sights as well.

Sunday we were still busy with pokemon, so it pretty much filled our weekend, this time we played legatimately on a different account. So went for a decent walk.

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4 Responses to That was a busy weekend

  1. Sheree says:

    Sounds very enjoyable

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  2. Carol anne says:

    awesome you had a good weekend! Pocoman sounds fun!

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