Watching Downing Street Imploding

I have not a clue, what is happening, everytime they get over one major fuckfest, another hits them. Who would have thought a sex scandal not involving Johnson might be the thing that brings him down.

Now I say a sex scandal, but its not that, its far far more serious. An MP sexually assaulted two men in a private club and then resigned the next day. Unfortunatly this was not the first time he had done it, or from what I gathered the second, it was probably the third reported incident and as most people will probably know, he has probably done it alot more and not been reported. Apparently his behaviour was so well known that he had minders to make sure he didnt do it.

This man (Pincher is his name, yes its not a joke) job was the minister’s welfare person. Anyway back in Febuary, our PM appointed him as whip, which basically is the person who makes sure all the MPs in that party do what the leader wants them to do. Even though Johnson was warned all about his behavour.

We then have the same old routine, Johnson denies ever knowing about the reports on Pincher, then on any specific reports, by this time they would normally wheel out the cabinet ministers to defend Johnson, only this time, apparently alot refused. So they wheeled out junior ministers, who got aniliated on the news.

Meanwhile 10 Downing Street is saying, well he wasn’t briefed on this, till a senior civil servant came out and said um, he did I told him. Which blew the whole thing out the water.

Then 2 members of the cabinet quit, very senior members at the, chancellor of the exchequer and the minister for health. Followed by about 5 junior members, one who quit live on air on the news, which was amazing.

Now we are assuming those senior members quit because they finally found their morals. rather than rats fleeing a sinking ship or whats probably more likely to get ready for a leadershp contest.

So what we have now, is a fun competition whether Johnson is going to last the month. I dont think he will resign, but we shall see

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3 Responses to Watching Downing Street Imploding

  1. Sheree says:

    I don’t think he’ll resign either

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  2. Carol anne says:

    what a fucking scandal! So glad he resigned. He had too. X

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