Its like a slow motion car crash

I was going to spend a bit of time on my blog tonight. Instead I spent the majority of the evening watching what the hell is going on with our government.

A quick recap

  1. An MP called Pincher resigned after sexually assulating 2 men in a private club
  2. Turns out he has done it before but was still put into a powerful position in the Tory party
  3. Turns out everyone including the Prime Minister knew this
  4. Prime Minister denied he knew about knowing he had done it before
  5. A civil servant then comes out and say actually I told you
  6. 2 Cabinet Minister resigned
  7. Followed by a few Junior Ministers
  8. That was last night, they got in before Prime Ministers Question Time.

By Prime Minister’s Question time, a few more people had resigned, just to clarify what resigning mean, it doesn’t mean they give up their position as an MP, it means they give their job up in the cabinet, lose the bonus, the office, that type of thing.

Prime Minster’s Question time was bad, all questions was about this MP, the fact that Johnson knew, but for me the most important thing was, that three ministers was missing, Patel who is the Home Secretary (in charge of immigration) Truss foreign affairs person and Gove, no one knows, no seriously in charge of levelling up, which I have no idea what that means, but not much has really happened.

Anyway later on in the day, with now 30 MPs having resigned from their cabinet jobs, some of the more senior cabinet ministers go and see Johnson, to persuade him to resign, by the time that meeting has finished, another 10 MPs have gone.

Can you imagine running a company and have nearly 11% of your managers all resign within a 24 hour period, the last time this happened, was in 1932 when 11 ministers resigned, this was totally different though, as at the time, the government at the time was made up of all of the parties, the country was going through a depression, it was a tough time (a bit like what we are about to go through) those 11 ministers that all resigned were of the same party and what they were arguing about went fundamentally against their beliefs.

Unlike this lot, which is rats deserting a sink ship.

So back to the meeting, Johnson said in no uncertain terms to fuck off and he was saying and he had a loot at the resignation lettersand decided 40 was not enough, so picked up the phone and sacked Gove.

Gove is my MP and also has the honour of being the first MP to be sacked from the cabinet by 3 different PMs.

After this yet another cabinet MP resigned.

I think the news guy I was following had a nervous breakdown and I have been laughing my arse off most the evening, because if I dont laugh, I am going to end up crying or in the same place the news guy

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10 Responses to Its like a slow motion car crash

  1. I did not realize that he had sexually assaulted anyone. Mind that was not in any of the articles that I read. I am so sorry you have to keep going through this. Would it not be nice to actually have politicians who care about what they are actually elected/hired for? I mean if I did not do my job am pretty sure I would be fired. Time to start firing people. 🙂

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  3. Darlene says:

    As an outsider, it seems like a Monty Python sketch. I mean, the guy’s name was Pincher – for real!!

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  4. My Lord, thanks for the summary. Exciting times (strange to live through)

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  5. Carol anne says:

    that was some shit show, wasnt it? xoxo

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