Now what?

The last few days have been exciting in British Politics. After the weekend and the dust has settled then what?

I would guess that since the murmerings of a no confident vote, people who wanted to step forward as leader, would have started oragnising things, I dont think there has been a single Prime Minister who has had a no confidence vote and not resigned.

But now they need to choose a new leader. The problem is, whoever is it charge will probably have to hold a General Election before the end of the year. I personally dont think they will hold out till 2023/24.

So, do you put in someone who you think has the best chance of winning a snap general election, or do you put in someone you can sacrifice, maybe someone has never heard of?

I think that is what I would do if there were plans for a GE before the end of the year, if that isn’t the plan, a trusted pair of hands, who can try and restore the general public trust in the tory party.

However, when I had a think about who that could be, the best person I thought of was me.

All of them have something dodgy going on or have something dodgy having gone on in the last two years.

I wouldn’t trust any of them, so I look to the opposition, if a GE happens will they win it.

No, I dont think they will, they have squandered chances to build a strong team of opposition and their leader is as dull as ditchwater, which shouldn’t make a difference, but it will.

My bet on it at the moment, is an MP most people haven’t heard of winning, a General Election called before the new year, and the Tory party winning it as a minority government, who will go into some sort of deal with the SNP (Scottish National Party) who they have nothing in common with, but the SNP want a vote of Scotland coming out of the UK and this will be the perfect way to do it, so its possible the leader might sell her party down the stream to get a vote on it.

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3 Responses to Now what?

  1. Simon says:

    I think you just need to take over…. Can you do it soon please?


  2. Carol anne says:

    well to be honest I wouldnt have any confidence in any of the party! They’re all liars!

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