You have to be kidding me

I have mentioned loads of times about the problem I have with my electricity, for those new, or have forgotten, I shall give a brief recap.

I am on what we call a pay as you go meter. Basically I have to top up the meter before using any electric, a bit like a pay as you go phone, I dont have a choice in this, I can’t change it because of the landlord, I also cant get a smart meter because of the landlord and the meters being so old, so once a week I have to go to the post office to put money on a key, to put on the meter, to get electric, this was alright, when I could get it from my corner shop, but now I have to go to the post office, with its long queues and no staff.

I have had, where the money hasnt gone on, the key not working, the meter just being a bastard. Its not fun to have one of these and also to add salt to the wound, Pre pay meters are usually for the poor, for whatever reason, they are usually in social housing, or if you have debt with the electic or gas company, they will put on your on a meter, this would be fine, but you pay a preminum for one of these things, I think in 2020 it was on average an extra £100 a year, now its more like £500 for the same amout of electric.

Here was my problem. You have emergency credit, its now £10, but when you top up this comes off and then any extra is what you have left. so for example, on Monday, you release you dont have enough credit at 12pm, you put on the emergency credit till you get to the post office on Tuesday. You go £3 into your emergency credit. You top up £20 on Tuesday, £3 goes towards your emergency credit debt and therefore you have £17 till you have to use it again or top up. Simple right.

On Sunday, we released we needed to use the emergency credit till Thursday, we thought we might get away with it, maybe get cut off Thursday morning, while I would run to the post office. We got to Tuesday and figured out there was no way, there was only £3 left on the meter, meaning we had used £7.

So off I pop to the post office with a fiver, now in my head, this would mean, I would then have £8 to get me through till Thursday, hope you are with me.

Imagine my surprise when my electricity cut out Wednesday afternoon, when I rang my electric company, they told me that 90% of what I add will go towards the debt (emergency credit) and the 10% towards my usage, but to me, it still meant I had money to use on the emergency because I had paid some of it off, regardless of whether it was £5.00 or £4.50 (hopefully thats 90%) They kept trying to explain that that is not the case, I think its because I hadn’t paid it all off.

However, I did argue my case pointing out this is a stupid fucking rule, so they thoughtfully gave me £10 credit. But because my meter is so old, I still needed to go to the post office and put the money on the key to use.

Apart from the fact the post office had no idea of what to do, they had never seen this before, never done it before, no idea.

Thus leaving me with no electric at 4pm, luckly, my partner had seen this might happened and had kept £10 back just incase, so we used that, but fuck me, make it bloody simple.

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8 Responses to You have to be kidding me

  1. Sheree says:

    What a nightmare

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  2. That system is outrageous. Should have a law against it!


  3. Carol anne says:

    OmG I’d just about have a kitten if that happened to me. How did you cope! I couldnt deal with them! I wouldnt ever go on a prepay metre for that reason! But I know its not up to you and if it was you wouldnt be on one either. Xx

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