FFS a rant

I am not having fun financially, we are just about keeping her heads above water as it stands. But its getting tough and its just gotten tougher.

Today I recieved my ESA, its gone within 5 minutes and I wish I could say I pissed it up a wall, but I didn’t, after rent, electric and food it was gone. Alright I could live with that, still no other money from the government though

Then I get a letter, I owe someone somewhere money for something and they are taking it off my ESA, I get £115 a week, they are taking £40 a week, that is roughly 35% of the money I receive. We are struggling already, taking that is our electricity a week now.

I was not a happy bunny, I will try and sort it all out tomorrow, because I couldn’t trust myself to speak to anyone today, without either crying or yelling, neither of which is going to help me.

Added to this, the lovely £10 credit I got from British Gas, is still not added on to my meter, because the post office dont know how still, despite me walking them through it twice.

Thank God I am releatively stable at the moment because this could have really pushed me over the edge

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7 Responses to FFS a rant

  1. Good Morning! Here comes the cheerleader to point out what a massive step you have already taken and should be proud of. And you even were able to see that calling and speaking to anyone about anything would not do anyone good until you had calmed and sorted out what you wanted to say. Way to go Trina that is such a massive step. So proud and you should be so proud of yourself too. That is a hard place to get to….to realize and stop self from doing something because one is unable to do so emotionlessly. Wohooooooooooooooooo you go Girl!!!!! Hugs

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  2. Don’t know what to say, sounds really rough. Thinking of you.

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  3. Carol anne says:

    jesus! What bullshit! I’m so sorry they took 40 pounds off of you. That stinks! Xx

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