Where in the World: Arizona

I have been close to this State a couple of times, but I dont think I have ever been in it.

  1. Arizona has Utah at its north, Colorado to the Northeast, New Mexico to the east, Nevada to the north west, California to the west and Mexico the south (the states Sonora and Baja California to be exact)
  2. If you get thirsty here, this is the place for you, there ar more than 100 wineries and over 75 licensed brewiers here, also its illegal to refuse someone a glass of water
  3. Travelling can be confusing at times, it is one of two states that doesn’t observe Daylight savings (the other is Hawaii) apart from the Navajo Nation in the northeast corner.
  4. You can be fined here, for harrassing cottontails and bullfrogs and dont wear suspenders in Nogales, also illegal
  5. It is the only state where you can stand at four different states, not five like a lot of people believe, which comes from the Simpsons
  6. Arizona is home to 22 tribes of Native America, which have there for 12,000 years
  7. Like your UFO’s? in 1997 hundreds of residence in Phoenix (the capital) reported sightings of UFOs
  8. Many Navajo people were used their language during WW2 to send code as the enemy couldn’t under their language
  9. The oldest rodeo is here, its been running for over 134 years
  10. I did try and find some native music from this state, it is fairly short though

If you are from this State, then please say hello

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9 Responses to Where in the World: Arizona

  1. Darlene says:

    My favourite state. Such an interesting place with so much to see and do. Nice people too.

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  2. Carol anne says:

    a hot state too! Temps are always around 45 C!

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  4. I loving living in Arizona! 🌵

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