Stop telling me to #bekind

I have noticed alot recently, in debates where #bekind is thrown out at people. I thought I was noticing things about when it was happening,

But it seems to be a new way to shut women up in a debate. I am no longer hysterical, or I dont know what I am talking about, or its not something I understand.

I got it chucked at me the other day, when someone was saying women’s football was never going to be as popular as mens and the fact its taken so long to get traction is proof that its part of the woke left.

I pointed out that women’s football was very popular till the FA banned it in all their grounds and its pretty hard to play football with no ground to play on.

At what point I got you dont know what you are talking about.

I asked what the hell the FA apologised to women for in 2008 then and maybe they should learn a little bit about the game before giving wrong information out and actually maybe the FA should stop taking all the credit for the women’s football, when in fact it took a lot of work and even up to 2018, people involved in women’s football, not the FA were begging to use stadiums.

I got #bekind thrown at me.

The annoying thing is I dont like football, but throwing out #bekind to shut me up, when I haven’t been rude is annoying and it does shut you up, because what the hell are you meant to come back with, no I dont think so.

I have seen it used many times now like this and 99% of the time its to women, I see a man threaten to smack a woman, they never get bekind shoved at them.

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18 Responses to Stop telling me to #bekind

  1. You are correct on all points! The FA destroyed womens football. And #bekind is being abused! It’s another version of “calm down dear “……. Grrrrrr

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  2. When you’re winning the argument with facts, a #bekind is not a substitute for the person saying he was wrong. ; )

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  3. Your response could be: I am being kind I didn’t call you a flaming a**hole did I?

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  4. To which I would’ve replied, “I am” 😉 I do not social media so I’ve not heard of the phrase but silencing women is nothing new.

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  5. Simon says:

    You’ve got to cringe about how the idiots of this world take a weapon aimed at them and use it back not really knowing what they’re doing… I do shake my head at football, based on how great they are they should ge the big money.

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  6. Carol anne says:

    I am seeing this too! Its awful! I cannot believe this shite is thrown at us women!

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