They need to stop with the noise

The Tory Party Leadership contest is still going on, loads of promises on everything they are going to give us.

My problem is, this is not going to be solved till September, know what all families will have finished by that point? The most expensive time of year, summer holidays.

You can do some amazing free stuff during the summer holidays, but you still need to feed the child/ren and for those on the brink, having little to no money means they cant save their 50p to try to make sure they have a barrier when winter and the real problems hit.

Here in the UK, we are being told, gas and electric prices are going to rise again in October, that means, the new PM will have a full month to sort something out before a shit ton more families are completely fucked.

They keep banging on about the money that have already reached the vulnerable, but for a lot of people (myself included) it hasnt hit yet and we have no date as to when it will.

We did get vouchers to feed monkey, which went fairly quickly. The problem is they are plugging the small holes in the boat, not noticing we have hit a giant iceburg and have a massive hole in the front.

My food bill for the month has gone up by over £100, my electric is up by £80 a month and my gas isn’t being used as I dont need heating. When you have nothing left over a month, how am I meant to find an extra £180 a month?

And what are they arguing about? How much their flipping clothes cost.

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5 Responses to They need to stop with the noise

  1. Simon says:

    This is the trouble with this whle thing, before this from the partgate and on to this it’s all bollocks and the serious issues aren’t being discussed.

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  2. Carol anne says:

    It is going to be a long winter, and everything just keeps going up! Not good at all!

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