Well fuck me

I got a notification of a payment I wasn’t expecting this morning, so excuse me if I just rant into the universe.

Yes a payment is good not when its from a benefit, an unusual payment normally means, its stopping or it has decreased, in this case it has decreased, so just to let you know where I am in my cost of living, so January we were keeping our head above water.

January – PIP stopped -340 every four weeks

April -Working tax credits stopped – 52 every week

April – Child Tax credit decreaded -50 every four weeks

April – Council Tax went up + 50 a month

April – Electric went up +10 a week

April – food went up +40 a month

April – rent went up + 5 a week

May – food went up + 40 a month

June – council tax credit an extra 150 one off payment

June – food went up + 20 a month

July – Food went up +20 a month

August – Food went up +20 a month

August – Child credit decresed -50 a week

so regardless of where I started at

I am now down by 640 a month

But my Bills have increased by 250 a month

But I did get a one off payment of 150 to sort this. Thank fuck for that

Now I have typed out my rage, I am going to try and get some sort of sleep.

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13 Responses to Well fuck me

  1. Carol anne says:

    good to vent, Trina! The cost of living has really shot up!

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  2. I’m not sure how we will pay for heating this winter. Gonna be wearing a duvet!

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  3. wrookieschu says:

    That’s shocking. Scary how everything is going up.

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  4. Sorry, that really stinks. Food is getting so expensive!

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