I think the heat finally got to me

Did I feel sick over the weekend and really dizzy, we are 99% certain it was due to the heat, but yucky, however with plenty of water and a bit of rest, plus the weather cooling down, I felt much better.

But it did mean that it was a quiet weekend, although I have to admit that was always the plan, no money means we have to find a shit ton of free stuff to do.

However myself and Monkey did bond over a computer game, Monkey Island, we are going to play the rest of them as well, but it was fun to play it with him and since it is an old game, fun to relive my childhood a little bit

This week Monkey is at a summer club, so I have a few hours free, well sort of, because he has been playing out so much, I have barely seen him, but we are in that weird phase of him being able to go out, but I am not comfortable with leaving him, so I tend to wash the kitchen windows while pretending not to watch him.

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2 Responses to I think the heat finally got to me

  1. Carol anne says:

    Sorry the heat got to you. It got to me too! I am glad Monkey and you could have fun with the computer game!

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