“Its only”

I hate when people say that, as an excuse, when its bullshit excuse. For reference what was said was “Its only his second holiday” In regards to Boris Johnson being in Greece, just after having come back from Slovekia

Maybe if it was someone who actually did some work, I wouldnt mind, but with Johnson no. Especially, with all the shit going on.

We have no real leader at the moment, Johnson, refuses to do anything about the cost of living, the two candidates are saying they wont push anything till they are in charge. Leaving most of the UK in limbo, over the summer holiday, with the kids off, not being able to afford anything.

OK this might just be me, but I have £8 in high street vouchers, £5 in Amazon vouchers and about 38p in the bank, with my electric running down and rent to pay

Leaving me with the very real prospect of, at the age of 40, asking my parents for money, if my partner doesnt get paid early.

It honestly, at times feels like I am alone in being this broke, but I dont think it is, I think most people at just trying to cope, but I am not sure, how much longer people are going to be able to do this anymore.

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9 Responses to “Its only”

  1. Carol anne says:

    sorry things are so hard, Trina! Its terrible that none of the government will do anything about the cost of living! Xx

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  2. Simon says:

    There are no words, I don’t understand why he had to hang on to do nothing. The whole thing is a sick joke.

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