How to save money???

I am seeing a lot of big influences letting us all know how to save money, which is great, but they are not speaking for alot of poor people.

Anyone who starts their how to save money post, with save your nectar points till they put on their double points days. Needs to have a think, who their target audience is, because I am fairly certain that the people really struggling would not be shopping at Sainsburys (expensive supermarket) if they did they would not have any nectar points left, because it would be spent on getting in the basics milk, bread etc that month.

I would like to think its based on those who are having to tighten their belts, rather than those who have no holes left to tighten, but often I think no, you just dont know what it means to be searching under the sofa for that 10p you dropped last week.

One of the shittest things I have seen is a blogger, who put up their shopping for a week, which was claimed to feed 2 adults and a teenager for a week, for under £20, it was only when challenged on it, did they admit, that they had food in their freezers and store cupboards.

But its that type of thing the Tory party latches onto, but its obviously possible for families to live on £20, lets give them £15. When it doesn’t take into account the spare food, we spend roughly a fiver on a top up shop, but that is to buy fruit and sometimes bread, we dont need to buy meat and veg really as we have that in the freezer, also I had the benefit of when I get a back payment of a benefit, that I make sure I have four weeks at least of pasta, rice, tins and spices, this is mainly incase I go through a depressive stage, but it is serving us well, as we only need to replace what we use and have spares (also useful in a zombie apocolypse for a tip)

I think its great people are sharing tips to help save money, but dont cosplay being poor, because its not going to go down well, with those that are struggling.

I wish I had some money saving tips, but I have nothing, unless this government does something, we are so fucked. Dont vote for the Tory Party, but then I dont think Labour are going to help either, as for the smaller parties, I dont think there is anything there, leaving us with Lord Buckethead, he is way better than Boris Johnson, so if he started a party instead of running as an Independent, I would vote for him.

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1 Response to How to save money???

  1. Simon says:

    I’m still pretty sick of thinking that while all this is going on no one in goverment is doing anything… that alone says it all.


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