That was exhausting

Today I went to see my mum, she lives about a 45 minute drive from me, but myself and monkey took the train.

Its a two hour trip on the train, most of this is just us trying to get into London from our flat, to what I thought was the nearest train station, turns out near my mum there is an underground station, which I thought would be easier.

Let me set the scene though, on the journey out, we discovered, that we had only bought half the tickets with us, my return and monkey’s getting there journey. This could not be resolved at the train ticket place due to having booked the tickets online. The solution was to buy more tickets. I did not like this option, so decided to bluff it, luckly on the way there we were not checked.

Going back though on a completely different route was slightly different, first off we got on the train going the wrong way and ended up coming back on ourselves, then the underground noise, got too much for monkey and we ended up getting off at Westminister, I thought this is not a problem I have done this journey before and I have google maps.

Turns out they have changed google maps, so while I was struggling to get over Westminster Bridge, my google maps was still staring at Big Ben.

Eventually found Waterloo station, with a bit of help from friends. But then we hit a slight snag, Monkey doesn’t actually have his ticket to get home, I have proof we bought it, but that often doesnt help, so I went and asked the nice man at the ticket gate, he looks at it and was just like, your ticket doesn’t even cover getting you to waterloo, but if you go to gate 17, they may be able to help you, so off we go, wait around and I have the smart idea to get monkey through the gates, by buying him a ticket to the nearest stop. That gets him through the gate and then I have to hope we get a lovely guard.

Spoke to the nice person at gate 17, who says, your best bet is to get the Reading train at gate 24, you just have time to make it.

So off we run to gate 24, send monkey through the turnstyles and my ticket gets rejected, now go speak to the nice lady, who lets me through and we jump on the train.

Thinking I am home dry, I dont think about it, till I get checked on the train, the nice guard looks at my ticket and goes I will let it fly this time.

Basically I got real lucky on this trip, we had a quick trip to the center of London and saw Big Ben.

But, it has given me ideas on what we can and cant do to get to see my mum, which is the main thing, we might try it from a few different stations and see if it makes a massive amount of difference

Also, I went fucking ages away with Monkey and didn’t have an anxiety attack at all, I got home and promptly fell asleep, woke up at just about 11pm, which probably means I am up for most the night, with nervous energy because tomorrow I am off to go see my dad. He lives closer

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