Trying to get into a good sleeping pattern

Since monkey has started at school, I have been trying to get myself into a better sleeping pattern, it hasn’t always gone well, I have been falling asleep at 2am at the earliest and waking up at 7am, so not too bad. but then I have days where I fall asleep at 10pm and wake up at 3am and cant get back to sleep.

But I am desperatly trying not to nap and you can see the difference in the things I am doing, some are tough, when I am tired, I dont have motivation and things seem to take 5 times as long.

I am getting there, maybe I only need 5 hours sleep a night, but I would like longer. I shall keep trying.

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1 Response to Trying to get into a good sleeping pattern

  1. Carol anne says:

    glad your getting at least a few hours of sleep. I know how it is when you wake at 3 AM and can’t go back to sleep…sigh!

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