I suppose I should say something about it

I did watch the funeral on Monday, I and a few friends got together over the internet to watch it. I think in the UK it has gotten a bit out of hand. I did enjoy The Queue, the fact it had its own live stream was amazing. Plus app, plus youtube channel.

I should explain, that while I am not a republician, I am also not a royalist. I dont appreciate people who have the good luck to be born in the right family, let me know they are going to rule over me, added to that the Queen’s funeral came to around £8 million, in a time when families cant afford to heat their homes and I get she didnt have a large amount of choice as to when she died, but also considering how rich her family is, a bit of let me bung you half of that would have been a nice gesture.

But I also do recoginse that she was 96 years old, didnt have much choice in the job either. She was mainly a good amassedor to the country, but I do think conversations should now be have as to what happens to the monarchy.

Back to the point, that over the weekend I found, people insisting that you watch the funeral, you cant do anything else but watch it, all the channels bar one as showing it (that one showed the emoji movie)

So I wanted to watch it with people who still have a sense of humour over it but still respectful.

I think one of my favourites bits, other than the bagpipes, was Boris Johnson, making his way to the front of the line and then being made to wait for the people he just pushed past.

I did like the marching, the marching from everyone was good, although I did think at one point, they had gotten lost going through London and might need directions.

I did feel, for Peter Phillips, he is the eldest grandchild, and always seems to be pulled out the cupboard for these type of things, then shoved back in till the next emotional thing.

I also felt for the whole Royal family, as much as I get they are born into a life of luxery and richness, I do wander how many others of us, would take that up for every moment of our lives being recorded and being critized and having to share our grief, joy and excitment with everyone in the country.

I am not sure I would, and if you look at say, child actors how many of those got to adult hood without being slightly fucked up?

It will be about a year till the coronation, so I think the royal family will just lie low for a while, hopefully take the time to grieve for their mother, grandmother and great grandmother.

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18 Responses to I suppose I should say something about it

  1. Sheree says:

    Totally swerved it.

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  2. Ha ha, bother, I missed the Boris bit. Yes they do wheel Peter Phillips out and the poor old Duke of Gloucester who is apparently a full working member of the family, but a lot of walking for him!

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  3. Nothing against the Queen herself but the whole thing was completely OTT, as was expected. It would be interesting to know how compatible hereditary monarchy (particularly as practised in the UK) is with the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child.

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    • I think because we no longer kill our monarchy early and expect them to become King as children, its probably alright, I suspect that they would say they always have a choice and can abdict, but given the shit Harry came in for, I wouldnt want to repeat that.

      Although I do have high hopes Charles is going to go I am done with this shit


  4. Insightful comments. Thanks for your perspective.

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  5. Carol anne says:

    I didnt watch the funeral. I was busy when it was on. Xoxo

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