Where in the World: Fiji

I know this country from I think Rugby, maybe, I am not great at sports, but I am fairly sure. Looking forward to finding out a lot more about it

  1. It lies about 2,000km (1,300 miles) northeast of New Zealand, around 87% of the population lives on the 2 main islands (there are around 330 islands in all) Viti Levu and Vanua Levu
  2. If you go here, make sure you check which airport you are going to, there are 28 airports here, but only 4 are paved
  3. There are 3 languages here, Fijian, Fiji Hindu and English
  4. It is rude to wear hats in the villages, only the chef is allowd to do that
  5. You can be in in the same place but on different days, the international date line runs through Tavenui
  6. The traditonal drink is called Kava, its a root, which is dried and then ground down and mixed with water, it is thought to have healing propeties
  7. An unusal record to have, but Fijian chief Ratu Udre Udre holds the world record for most humans eaten up to about 900
  8. Tabua is where you give a whales tooth, as your love and respect
  9. Fiji was a British Colony, the land was divided between the white land owners and Taukei, today almost 84% of the land is owned by the indigenous people, compared to 3% of maori land in New Zealand and almost none in Hawaii.
  10. Meke is the tradional dance, enjoy

If you come from Fiji Bula,

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  1. Carol anne says:

    Its an interesting place! ❤

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