Right, ok, now what?

Tuesday started off a bit shitty, Monkey is ill, we are hoping its just a cold but its a serious enough cold, for him to not to go to school. Also he didnt eat, which is a massive clue for a child with hollow legs. He spent most the morning in bed and then moved to the lounge, I thought he might want to play on the xbox, instead he spent most the time dozing on the sofa.

It did mean doing any job hunting was going to be tough, but all he really wanted was lots of water, ice lollys when his throat started to hurt and of course hugs, none of those that difficult and because he is so hot, he didnt want hugs for too long, as he got too uncomfortable.

I tried to get things done as best I could, when I got a phonecall from one of the recruiters.

I have got a job.

I know right. For once in my life I was too shocked to say anything.

The nice lady gave me some information and then said, do you want some time to process this.

Yes, yes I did.

I have accepted the job and I start a week on Monday, which is madness, I have no clothes for a formal job, I mean I spent the last 10 years in jeans and a t-shirt. Last time I wore a suit, I didnt have a child.

I have no clue what I am going to do. Well I do, but not till I have signed a contract

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12 Responses to Right, ok, now what?

  1. Sheree says:

    Hope Monkey feels better soon

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  2. Congratulations! A job in formal clothes. Well done!

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  4. Carol anne says:

    wow! Congrats girl! What type of job is it? Hope its one you’ll really enjoy! ❤

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