Week 4 of job hunting

Monday was a busy day for job hunting, first of all I got a phonecall from the people I had an interview with on Thursday morning.

They didnt offer it to me, because they didnt think I would grasp the systems as quick as some of the other candidates. I am 40, I am not dead.

Then I had an interview, this one was unusual, as its a job in the funeral business. They had missed out some important information on the job advert, that I thought changed the job alot, so I am not sure on it.

Then I spent the day staring at the phone, waiting for someone else to call me. Which they did late afternoon to offer me another interview at a different place.

I am not going to lie, getting rejected from that job, did hurt my ego, I dont even know why, I didnt actually want it, or at least if I had been offered something else, I would have probably turned it down and that was due to that path I dont think I would have been comfortable, maybe if I had gotten the job, coming out of the winter evenings, and that way we could have saved for a car during the summer. So I could be ready for the winter.

But it didnt work out like so no point thinking what, if, but.

In the end I didnt get a phonecall from the other place who told me they would let me know by Monday, which is the most frustrating thing.

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12 Responses to Week 4 of job hunting

  1. Hope this goes your way soon. I have been looking for supplemental work, too, and some of these job descriptions are so bizarre…

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  2. Better luck next interview. You are fabulous and will find something that suits you.

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  3. Sheri Dye says:

    Sorry to hear it’s been so difficult.. but don’t let it get you too down, alright? I’m sure you’ll end up exactly where you’re meant to be.

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  4. Carol anne says:

    Getting a rejection is always hard, but I bet now your glad you didn’t get it, right? Since you were offered another job…

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