Why are they not dizzy?

I just dont get it, surely the government must be dizzy by all the many u turns they are doing at the moment.

They were going to do something and now they are not, I wish I could be a fly on the wall when they are discussing all of these.

The guy who has come out and said if people are not earning enough, they should get a second job, or even a different job.

The interesting thing about this, is lets say, everyone who works in a minimum wage job, suddenly decides to go get a better job, then who is doing those jobs and lets face it, they are probably not the best jobs out there or a vocation type of a job. Then what happens?

Who does those jobs?

I wish they would answer that, while trying to give the bankers back their bonuses. Because you know who we were all clapping during the pandemic, cause it wasnt the bankers.

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5 Responses to Why are they not dizzy?

  1. Array says:

    The dizziness of today’s government is astonishing. They seem driven to destroy our own country.

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  2. Simon says:

    I’m dizzy wathcing it all… No wonder they keep tripping up.

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