Its getting depressing now

I wouldn’t say I was a prepper in the proper sense of the word, the worse we have,weather wise, in the UK is floods, and they dont affect a 2nd floor flat. Well yet anyway.

But, I am prepared for zombies, you never know when those fuckers might attack. So I do like to be prepared, to flee at the first site of trouble.

With that in mind, I am on a few sites, which deals with general reasons as to why you might have to leave your home in a hurry, some are like zombies, but others are like fires and floods.

Recently alot have turned to the cost of living and what people are doing to either prep or save money, so are good suggestions, like which is the best blanket to buy

Others thought, were depressing, like if you have a streelight outside, use that to light up your house. I wish I could say people are not going to do this, but some are not going to have a choice.

And its that thought that is depressing

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