I thought this might happen

I have gotten to the end of the week, with nothing to write about, despite having a very different week than normal.

Lets check whats different

  1. Got a new job
  2. I socilaised with strangers
  3. I put on make up for five days straight
  4. I was asleep by midnight on at least one day

What stayed the same

  1. Water pipes are fucked up, so the washing machine wont empty the water
  2. The benefit systen is still fucking me over, this time they have done a brilliant number on me, by leaving us without money for a month (well 2 weeks so far)
  3. The government is still shit.

And yet nothing to write about. Maybe next week, after I have recovered

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7 Responses to I thought this might happen

  1. zdunno03 says:

    Hope things improve soon.

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  2. Ahem, kick royal backside week Trina! You went to work all week!

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  3. Carol anne says:

    Hope you got your muse back Trina! ❤ I think you did!

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