I seem to have missed a day in the government shitstorm

What the hell happened?

I know Braverman (our home secretary) quit, due to sending something from her personal email. So I look forward to whatever that story is about.

Then apparently there was a massive problem when it came to a vote about fracking.

Our Prime Minister and Deputy change more often than the sugarbabes line up at the moment and the rest of the cabinet is going that way as well.

A news reporter ended up calling an MP a very rude word

I shall have to get onto it at some point. Or I shall leave it because the way this government is going, we are either going to have a GE or change again before Christmas.

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11 Responses to I seem to have missed a day in the government shitstorm

  1. Simon says:

    I think change is days away and a GE must surely follow long long after to give some kind of mandate to whoever is an charge.
    The fracking vote issue was because the vote was seen as a confidence vote and Liz told her MP’s to vote with her or else. There are repoerts of ‘aggreesive verbal’ and even some physical arguments going on outside the house before the vote, with some MP’s in ters according to some reports.

    Basically they were bullied into voting with here and those that didn’t vote are facing ‘proportionate disciplinary’ so Liz says.

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  2. I heard it on the morning news, your PM is in hot water about an economic plan

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  3. Well we just had breaking news that PM is resigning, yep looks like you have stuff going on

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  4. Carol anne says:

    You werent wrong, there were big changes!

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