Relaxing weekend

I was up at 7am on Saturday, not sure what happened there. For once I had even slept before seeing in 7am. No one else was though, so I sat and played on my phone till I heard movement and then got up and did the cleaning.

I was very efficent, got the cleaning done, cleaned out the washing machine, accepted the butcher deliver, put that away, got Monkey to finally clean his room, enough so I could hoover it and played pokemon.

Sunday, my partner took both the boys to the cinema, which meant I sat and did nothing other than muck about on the internet.

I am not sure every weekend is going to be like this, but I am heading into next week really slightly more relaxed than normal.

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4 Responses to Relaxing weekend

  1. Simon says:

    That sounds like a good weekend!

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  2. Great to hear you had a relaxing weekend!

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