Where in the World: Panama

The only thing I really know about this country is the fact it joins central and south America together and it has a canal. I dont think I even know which language they speak. Guess we are all about to find out

  1. Panama is bordered by Costa Rica to the west Columbia to the southeast, The Caribbean sea to the north and the pacific ocean to the south
  2. Panama is the only country where you can see the sun rise in the Pacific Ocean and set on the Atlantic Ocean from the same spot.
  3. I am sure you have heard of the Panama hat, its not from Panama, its from Ecuador (maybe that should go in fun facts about Ecuardor)
  4. Nearly half the population live in the capital Panama City
  5. Panama was one of the first two countries to sell coke cola outside the US. Probably for this reason, it is the only country in the world to have a cafe coca-cola. It is the city’s oldest still running cafe
  6. Over 1400 islands also belong to this country
  7. The Panama Canal saves ships roughly 22 days of extra travel
  8. The Panama Canal was nearly built in Nicaragua, but someone pointed out the volcanos
  9. Hundred of millions were spent on building it at the cost of over 20,000 lives as well
  10. Enjoy a bit of traditional dance and music from this country

If you come from this country please so Hola

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8 Responses to Where in the World: Panama

  1. You should investigate the Darien Gap. I’m fascinated by it–but not fascinated enough to ever travel there 😉 (I’d totally visit other places in Panamá though!)

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  2. Simon says:

    Some good little factoids there. Do the cigars come from Panama?

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  3. Well done about Panama. The French started the canal, and the US finished it.

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